Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ICC's New Rule

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In not-so-subtle moves the ICC is pursuing changes that are validating Ijaz Butt's claims that there are elements in the ICC conspiring the defraud Pakistan and its cricket.

First came the news that the ICC is going to stop the rotation policy that yields ICC presidents and then the news that ICC is seeking to curb government interference in the functioning of cricket boards.

If the ICC were trying to be subtle with these announcements (the next ICC President is due to be appointed from Pakistan / Bangladesh) and not mention Pakistan by name, wait till you hear the new announcement from the ICC.

In a shocking announcement that abandons previous attempts; however meek; at subtlety regards naming Pakistan outright the ICC said that they will be pursuing a new rule that determines how future winners of World Cups are determined. As per the new rule proposed, if the 2015 World Cup final game is won by the 1992 World Cup winners, then the championship will be awarded to the runner up.

On further investigation of the roots of this proposed rule change, what has emerged is that Ijaz Butt was present when the rule change was discussed and what is more shocking is that he was the one who pursued this as an agenda in the meeting.

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