Tuesday, June 21, 2011

India Ahead

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Instead of inflicting a beat down, India have just about nosed ahead. West Indies batting turned out to be worse than originally anticipated. Is this a result of not playing together enough or is this a result of constant turmoil? Either ways, the West Indies are pathetic.

India handed debuts to Kohli, Praveen Kumar and Mukund. Praveen Kumar with his canny variations and control came good and how. Ishant Sharma seems to have regained his test match form and is once again asking questions of batsmen. This is great news for India as it heads to England after this series. Praveen Kumar's burst gives India an option that it had not bargained for. In English conditions, Praveen could be a handful.

Firstly, Harbhajan has proven that he is willing to wear the allrounder's tag seriously. His latest innings gives him credibility. Hopefully, he doesn't take his batting too seriously and turn into a plodder. Raina too seems to be aware of the talent that is knocking on the doors of the test team. He seems intent on fighting for his spot ahead of Pujara. There seems to be an embarrassment of riches. Kohli is sure to come good in this series. He is a good learner and has desire.

India bowled with purpose and aggression, except for a phase when Harbhajan was simply sending down balls down the leg side. India seems to have discovered some bowling mojo. This is really heartening. They may not have the Steyns and Amirs, but it looks like you don't need them if you are smart.

India has this match in a vice-grip. On day one I was worried about a repeat of South Africa. West Indies can definitely come back, but it looks like Dravid is cruising right now. If he's back, then God help West Indies and England.

This performance by India does beg some questions. Are we excited to see the new India or do we continue to want to watch the old firm of Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman? There is no loss of form. Perhaps, the three men can answer it themselves as to whether fans deserve to see some others play.


Karan Sinha said...

Just another demonstration of the Indian Team improving overseas records, This was the teams fifth Test win in the Caribbean. Bowlers bowled to their strength as batting was truly disappointed the only resistance in both inning came from Rahul Dravid.

Golandaaz said...

don't forget harbie the batsman