Saturday, April 16, 2011

India v Pakistan - Plans for a "revival" series

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Someone in the The Indian government (no one's sure who)  has done something that has convinced the PCB that India is keen for a "revival" series between India and Pakistan.

Quite unsurprisingly no one associated with the BCCI has any knowledge of this.

They learnt just a few hours back that Paul Valthaty is an Indian eligible for selection. So this news about Indian government's unconfirmed advances to their Pakistani counterparts may take a while to reach the offices of the BCCI.

There is tremendous excitement in Pakistan on the prospect of yet another "revival" series. Well connected sources have confirmed that Ijaz Butt is going to float the idea that like the Ashes, the "revival" series must be held once every 2 years on a home and away basis.

"After every terrorist attack, it takes the Indian government approximately 2 years to first blame Pakistan and then seek "revival" of the eternal friendship between the 2 countries, so I think the idea is very much sustainable" said Ijaz Butt. "It is mutually beneficial" he added.

India is likely to be busy through March of 2012, when according to the ICC's FTP schedule India are to play Pakistan anyway. "The current schedule of the Indian cricket team is an attempt to defraud and further isolate Pakistan" Ijaz Butt said in an accusatory tone.

Behind closed doors, Pakistani cricket administrators are churning out innovative ideas on how an ODI tour can be arranged between the 2 countries before March 2012. One of the proposals which is likely to be floated with the BCCI is to organize a 7 ODI series during the strategic breaks in the IPL.

When asked to respond to the preparations in Pakistan, the BCCI said that this is a matter between the Indian government and the PCB and that the strategic breaks are the property of Maxx Mobile; essentially suggesting that the series as likely to be proposed by the PCB is a non-starter.

The BCCI however were very optimistic that a full series with Pakistan can be held during the tea breaks of India's Tests in England.  


crownish said...

Give me a break, no way India should tour Pakistan anytime soon. If any other team is brave and willing to do so, good luck to them, I hope their FTP schedule doesn't overlap with the Future Terrorism Program.

Vidooshak said...

There's no way India will tour Pakistan or invite them over. It's just too crazy right now. It's nice to think about it and all, but ain't going to happen.

Zaheer said...

Infact there is no excitement in Pakistan about this series. Every one is angry on Ijaz Butt. Every one is saying that if India is not interesting in playing with Pakistan why this stupid man Ijaz Butt is barking regarding such series.

Golandaaz said...

I agree with everyone, a series between the 2 countries is unlikely

Zaheer, I can see why the PCB would want the series. Obviously big money can be made

Crownish, Appreciate your comment lets just try and see the funny side of this