Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pune Warriors India: #1 to #10 One match at a time

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1 to 10 in 15 days flat.

In what captain Yuvraj Singh called a "collaborative effort across the franchise"; Pune Warriors India, became the fastest team in IPL history and quite possibly the first to occupy all positions in the points table over a period of 2 weeks. Like Ravi Shastri, in his playing days, we can play from any position he said.

Starting from the #1 position they had on April 16th, after each successive game, Pune Warriors India, have either maintained their pre-game position or progressed to a worse position. "Progress" and "worse" are typically not complementary words but we are talking about Pune Warriors India.

Over there they get it.

Sahara India chairman, said this sort of progression is not something that comes naturally to many teams and indeed many cities. I am worried he said that the feat may get unnoticed by a casual IPL fan however it is no less significant and we will celebrate it tonight. That it was made possible because of a knock of "Test Match Quality" by Virendra Sehwag, makes it even more special; he added.

Pune are now debating whether they want a "V" or a "U" shaped recovery. With almost half the games gone, there may be no time for a "U". So they will have to settle for a "V".

Given the futility of their team so far, the franchise has successfully convinced themselves that the decline was somehow a result of seeking a stated goal. Sometimes delusion is a preferable option when reality becomes tough to handle.

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