Monday, November 26, 2012

Positives for India

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It’s not all bad for India. It may seem that way. Dig a little bit deeper. There are positives all around.

In 3 innings, Sachin Tendulkar has been clean bowled only once. Surely the man’s reflexes are still at his peak.

The lower order has shown spine. Once they stop showing that the mauling India will receive in the next 2 tests will make the Mumbai loss seem like an honorable effort.

The IPL is still the biggest league around the world

No one is yet calling for VVS Laxman to come out of retirement. This is a clear indication that India has its eyes firmly on building a team for the future.

Virendra Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir (Average 53) are still the best opening pair India has ever had

The world is still jealous of the IPL

Sachin Tendulkar is still not the worst batsman in the line up. Statistically he is but we are giving consideration to his ‘colossal record’

The best spinner in the series is a Sardar

Harbhajan Singh’s stature and non-performance has slowly risen to levels that has Mahendra Singh Dhoni itching to call him the ‘Sachin of Spinners’

The IPL is still the biggest league around the world

The one thing that irks Indian fans is no longer true. We are no longer bullies at home. Now we can lose abroad with our heads held high.

The IPL is still the biggest league around the world

The best fast bowler in the series is an Indian. So what if he now injured.

Nobody’s houses were burnt after the loss. This is a sure sign that Indian fans are maturing. Either that or they don’t care.

Dhoni got to retire to his hotel room early

The IPL is still the biggest league around the world

India has accidentally found a nice transition plan. We can now transition to a young team who can match the seniors; loss-for-loss

The IPL is still the biggest league around the world


Anonymous said...

Classic again !

Bala said...

Gol, Is it not possible that the English spinners bowled better than the Indian spinners ? Why is it it the given that Indians are the best spinners in the world irrespectice of who they are ? It is besides the point Monty is of Indian origin..

Golandaaz said...

Hi Bala, Thanks

You are right...but the team believes they are the best players of spin (bowling and batting) why else does Dhoni want pitches with spin and bounce no matter who the opposition

in any case i was trying to be funny

Anonymous said...

Vidooshak, your prediction for the Mumbai Test was as good as your prediction about Romney

Bala said...

Hi Gol, It was funny alright..But i am beginning to worry whom you can pull once SRTretires ..Because by the look of it we are going to keep losing quite often in the coming days (both Home and away).We should upgrade a few guys like Sehwag and Ghambir to senior grade to look forward for their retirements. I am trying to be funny too..Thanks for keeping up some Humor !!

Golandaaz said...

That day is far far away...SRT will score a 100 at Eden which will buy him time through 2089 to continue by which time i certainly would be dead

Vidooshak said...

Anonymous - It's very hard to predict anything, especially the future (so said Yogi Berra)...BTW...which Anonymous are you?

Gol - The BCCI has officially declared war on the sensibilities of test cricket fans and test cricket itself methinks. The selectors will not make changes too the batting team unless someone retires!! Blaming the bowlers when batsmen are not delivering enough runs to put pressure on the opposition is nuts. Once again the same team that's got beaten has been retained for the next two tests...

What else can it be other than wanting to deliberately tank test matches so that people stop watching in disgust and then BCCI blames the "market" for lack of interest in test matches?

Vidooshak said...

Anonymous - Follow up -- I gave the BCCI more credit than they deserve...I seriously thought they knew that Indian batsmen couldn't handle any bowlers - spin or otherwise.

In hindsight, if BCCI had heeded by prediction as advice, things might have been different... :-)

Golandaaz said...

Vidoo - I am begining to think it is easier to change the constitution than to expect any changes in the Indian team...

But seriously with so many ad campaigns being funded by various companies, I am certain the selectors can't do zilch...

I mean if you were a Pepsi exec and have a million dollar ad campaign running on say a Yuvraj Singh, presumably that investment is made on the agreement that he won't be dropped for a certain period of time I would assume.

How stupid Pepsi would look if Yuvraj is dropped and he is shown to be a hero in an ad drinking pepsi and hitting sixes

I am not making any conspiracy theories just thinking aloud...

Vidooshak said...

Gol - India is a place where consipiracy theories look amateur in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidooshak, I am the Anonymous who had the breakfast discussion with you on the morning of the Chicago marathon about the 1%.

Golandaaz, looks like Ponting has shown Tendulkar the way on how to bow out with class

Golandaaz said...

Hello 1%,

Here is how Rediff chose to announce Ponting's retirement

The guy has won more tests than any player in history and yet somehow we should be pleased that he was 'second fiddle' to Sachin?

Mayank Jhaveri said...

I completely understand your frustration. More than anything else, I am pissed because these very players made statements on how we would kick ass at home and still lost. After those statements, I would have liked us to win 3-0, if not 4-0.

SRT issue is becoming irritating. I had written how I wished he had left after Australia. However, I still back Sehwag and GG. Its not that the 117 or 65 was good enough to buy them more time. Those knocks were good, but not enough. Hopefully they make more of it and get back to scoring big hundreds like they both can.

Golandaaz said...

Mayank, I have been saying this since 0-4 England. No team in the history of the game has been white washed from being #1...

It indicates something wrong with the whole team,including Sachin who is now quite firmly part of the peoblem

Anonymous said...

"Golandaaz, looks like Ponting has shown Tendulkar the way on how to bow out with class

Again, blind statement without an iota of respect for facts. Coming otuof deep seated tendulkar hatred.

Ponting hung on to hi place despite 5 years of under performance. He only had success against the super-galactic attack fo India lst year. otherwise, he was a zilch. He hung on to his captaincy to the detriment of Australia for as long as he could.

If we apply Ponting standards, Tendulkar can play for India for another 2.5 years, which he wont

You are either stupid or venomous.