Friday, April 8, 2011

Portraits: Michael Clarke

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Michael Clarke is Australia's newest captain. Here's wishing him the very best from us @ Opinions

But we are concerned. Just a couple of days back Micheal Clarke said his appointment as Australia captain hasn't sunk in yet. If we remember correctly, Michael Clarke was identified as Ricky Ponting's successor just a few days after he learnt to walk as a toddler.

In our estimation there shouldn't have been a 'sinking in' issue.

Michael Clarke - Australia's newest captain

The best way we know how it will quickly sink in, is if Michael Clarke loses his first game as captain. That would be a wake up call and 'Awe shucks I am the Australia captain' feeling rolled into one.

Not that we are hoping that would happen but we aren't hoping for a Bangladesh loss either.

So if Australia losing helps Michael Clarke digest his appointment as Australia captain, then we believe its prudent to wish that Bangladesh wins

Coming to the portrait it self. Some of you - those who are not artistically endowed - might succumb to the urge to suggest that the sketch; like many others on this site; has little or no resemblance to Michael Clarke. A visit to the optician's may be worth your while.

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