Monday, April 11, 2011

Shane Watson is now a Country

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Shane Watson has gained independence from the mediocrity that is Australian Cricket. He will now play for Self. And for his country. Which is one and the same.

Shane Watson is now an independent country.

History and Geography books will be updated. Even the blog Play for Country Not for Self will need minor adjustments. The "Not" is now not always required.

It was inevitable. After single handedly playing and almost beating England in the T20s and now easily winning an ODI against the English; even the Queen and the Prime Minister had no option but to just walk away from any rights Australia might have had on Shane Watson.

Shane Watson's struggle for independence started early in the summer. Even in a format that he is not entirely suited to, he out performed his countrymen. Midway through the Ashes, there is believed to be a meeting between Cricket Australia, the Australian Government and the Royal family.

"You don't suppose we will just let you walk away and form your own country, do you" Julia Gillard is supposed to have said. To which Shane Watson had said. "That is precisely what you will do"

With the series shifting to the LOI formats, came Shane Watson's defiance, general non cooperation and civil disobedience. First came the transformation to a woman. Then his (her - his her whatever) continued refusal to embrace contemporary Australian principles of incompetence, indecision, cheating on bump catches, finger pointing and lack of accountability. Those were believed to be the final straws that left Australia no choice but to recognize Shane Watson as a proper independent and sovereign country.

Shane Watson is expected to field teams; which will be himself; in almost all sports where England compete.

The BCCI is pushing for Test Status for Shane Watson.

Sunil Gavaskar was moved to tears on seeing a white man revolting against his own.

Sachin Tendulkar said, its just another country. And that he would like to score a 100 against them. Home and Away. He also added he will prepare the same way as he does with any other country.

Shane Watson and the PCB have announced that Pakistan will be hosting Shane Watson for a full tour in late spring of 2011. After the World Cup.

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Anonymous said...

loved it and tweeted it!

Chanakya said...

Thanks! latb

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Simply brilliant! You've certainly lived up to your moniker with this piece! :)

I have been saying to people for a while now that Watson could be 1 of the hot candidates for MVP at this WC (especially as he has happy memories of India, where he began his resurgence in IPL-1). And that it would be folly to discount Australia based on the Ashes.


Chanakya said...

Anon (BP), Thanks man

Even if Ponting and Clarke find form, Australia may be at best a tough side to beat but their bowling overall appears weak for subcontinental conditions.

Will be a surprise to me if they win it all.

tracerbullet007 said...

was just beginning to wonder when I had seen this article before....