Thursday, June 28, 2012

What is the ‘sacred cow’ for the BCCI?

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The specific history of Tony Grieg is inconsequential. In fact, given his past it is commendable that he spoke openly about his views on India.

We ourselves, on this blog, have been saying the same things with regards India, for over a year. Even while India was still #1 in the ICC Test rankings; we have been saying that India’s ranking has no “business case” and hence a matter of time before India disintegrate.

Tony Greig’s views on India were fairly straightforward…

  1. The BCCI is pursuing money above all else
  2. India’s stars are seeking a “fools proof” (not fool proof; mind you) when it comes to the DRS
  3. The IPL is good but perhaps might cannibalize Test Cricket in India
  4. India has the power and has used that power to block anything that is not viewed as aligned to her own interests
  5. Test cricket is secondary to other forms of cricket for Indians. Players, administrators and paying public alike

I think his views very much reflect the unstated and implicit BCCI agenda. That does not make the BCCI agenda wrong or unworthy just as it does not make Tony Grieg’s views worthy of the criticism it has received in the Indian media.

T20 cricket and the private money it is brining in and influencing mainstream cricket, is like that 3rd daughter in the movie Fiddler on the Roof. With each daughter Tevye, the father expands his belief system to be able to accept his daughters’ choices, till finally the youngest one makes a choice that is too far removed from what he is willing to compromise.

With the IPL people like me and obviously Tony Grieg…we worry what is the ‘sacred cow’ for the BCCI. What will they not allow in their pursuit of making billions? Once we know where the bottom is we will stop worrying.

I had hoped that Test Cricket is that sacred cow.

But then we have the Sachin Tendulkars who skips Test Tours to play the IPL, flirt with Roger Federrer and the BCCI allows it. So obviously it’s not sacred.

The BCCI may have every right to pursue their vision for cricket and they may well succeed in that just like Tony Greig has every right to speak his mind against it and everyone in India will reject it because of something ridiculous like the color of his tie or the choice of his perfume.

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Vidooshak said...

It is the IPL. BCCI is made up of businessmen and politicians with a smattering of cricketers thrown in. It's the same in all cricket playing countries. The mindset has fully changed now. Anything that doesn't make money isn't worth doing. That is the BCCI for you. And therefore test cricket will die a slow painful death in India. BCCI will not admit its failure to make test cricket a relaxing pass time.