Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reset expectations

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India have lost 8 away Tests in a row.

Their once powerful batting is a sad….well its just that; once powerful…

Their players pay lip service to Test cricket, hide injuries in appearing at the IPL and routinely skip international tours.

Their analysis of why the losses are piling up, is an appalling…”If you look at it, in each of the matches we lost in Australia, it was that one partnership that was the difference”…This is what Sachin Tendulkar actually said. I would rather he just say, "You know the average Indian cricket lover is a pathetic, dim witted fool. He is likely to buy any bull shit I say. So I am not even going to come up with a reasonable analysis of why we are losing so many Test matches"
3 of their players, including the current captain, bicker about captaincy in the media.

They  have become a team of delusional, self centered, rich and market savvy cricketers.

They talk about themselves endlessly; always forgetting that losing 8 tests in a row gives them no platform to do any talking whatsoever.

There is no one who the team thinks has the ‘stature and experience’ to show them the mirror.

They celebrate individual feats the same way Spain celebrated winning the soccer world up a couple of years ago.

They are not even the top 5 Test teams in the World. In fact I would argue, even Bangladesh and West Indies are better Test teams. Visiting in the more hard part of the summer in England, the West Indian batsmen gave a far better account of themselves than India’s greats.

Their only truly in-form batsman and the only one who lived in the real world, Rahul Dravid has retired.

With this backdrop, let us celebrate that India ‘A’ actually went, competed and won a Test Match in the West Indies.

I find articles lamenting the ‘missed opportunities’ by our youngsters a bit off the mark. Most of them are not written with an appreciation that at present India is probably the worst Test cricket team in the world.

When you start from there, I will take a 1-2 loss and be satisfied.


Govind Raj said...

India A won a test match because of 'One' batsman who like RD, knows how to play tests. Che Pujara looks like the only light at the end of the tunnel that is called future of Team India in tests.

Golandaaz said...

Its really a miracle that our juniors actually won anything at all.

Had we sent our senior team, we probably would have given up the chase mid-way and returned 0-2 and the stars would have gone on a media rampage professing what makes them so wonderful....

Vidooshak said...

I find the assessment of India being the worst test team a bit off the mark too. :-)

The unfortunate problem is that you are absolutely correct about the behavior of individuals in the team and their commitment to test cricket. But the fact remains that these guys have been damn good for many years. To displace them someone needs to do as much as Che is doing or more. That's my real lament that we see the same lack of commitment being passes down.

Golandaaz said...

Vidoo, depends on the benchmark you use. Which team has lost 8 away tests in a row in the past year?

India is a legitimate contender for the last spot. As to whether anyone will lose their jobs for it. Absolutely not....because as per Sachin, the difference in all these matches was "that one big partnership" which the opposition put we need different bowlers.