Monday, March 11, 2013

Is this really happening to Australia?

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Please...someone please tell me this ain't so...

Is this really happening in the Australian Cricket team? Is modern cricket and coaching come to this? That you have to send in 2 areas of improvement; one individual and one for the team; as a benchmark for meeting 'high standards'. Since when did national cricket teams get infested with corporate ailments.

Filling out reports and post it notes are "standards" created by people in the corporate world to justify their jobs because they have no real work. I was under the wrong impression that cricket coaches were a much nobler creed. How wrong I was...

And what is Michael Clarke thinking? Does he think he is able to score runs because he fills out his work out schedule and slides it under Mickey Arther's hotel room door?  

Yes, I get it...its the little things that matter. It's the little things that add up to creating something bigger and long lasting. When people do get fired however, they should be fired for not getting the big things done. Not for not doing the small things. 

Firing someone for not filling time sheets is petty. 

It takes incredible amounts of foolishness to fire cricketers for not submitting their '2 points worth of improvement ideas'. It's foolish because it means you just fell for your own sales pitch. 

Arther and Clarke would have gained far more in respect had they fired the 4 for non-performance. 

Like India did with Virendra Sehwag.

Like Sunil Gavaskar did when he dropped Kapil Dev and Sandip Patil for playing rash strokes and costing India a Test match 2 decades and more ago. 

And I am curious, what did the 12 cricketers who did comply with the high standards set by Mickey Arthur...what ideas did they have? Daily Wellness Reports? Group hugs? Lunch and learns? Bring your sons and daughters to work day?

India's own reaction to consecutive away white washes, is now beginning to look like a model of restraint and common sense. 

Duncan Fletcher's stock in my eyes has sky rocketed. 


Dinesh said...

I had similar line of thoughts as yours. No debate. This is utter bullshit by Australian Team Management.

Thanksfully they made the Indian method of dealing players appeal to their own public. Read my views when you get a chance.

Golandaaz said...


Sacking for non performance is okay but India's problem is they took a long time

ram said...

Well, you and me know that corporate-management techniques are all BS because we face it everyday. The big question is whether the players know it because of the bubble they live in. I mean, just reading Pattinson's reaction, it seems like he has totally bought into it.
Anyway, I guess we have to thank the BCCI's autocratic dictats re: the coach & players'media interaction. No doubt when you are losing so badly, there is a lot of bad blood. But it does'nt need to be aired so publicly.

Golandaaz said...

@ram, thanks for your comment

Haven't read Pattinson's response yet but I guess he is going through the 'rehabilitation process' laid out by the borad :-)

And surely BCCI's ways are no better and a strong willed coach can create such problems even in India....remember Chappell where Sachin was reduced to saying things like "I have given so much for the country...."

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, this was funny. Today, even Indian fans are feeling sorry for us. That's the state of our cricket team.

Can I move to India and support your team please?

Owen said...

cool site bro!

Golandaaz said... want to move to a country that loses 8 in a row and still thinks nothing needs to change?

And no I don't think we are feeling sorry for Australia. I fear that if a team like Australia buys into the management types, God help us.

You are welcome here as long as you say Sachin is great in all indian languages.

Anonymous said...

Even if this writer wrote on Poverty in Somalia, he'd find a way to abuse Sachin. What a disease this writer suffers from! May God help him gain sanity again. Amen,

Vidooshak said...

There's poverty in Somalia? Really? Sachin must've caused it..

Anonymous said...

"There's poverty in Somalia? Really? Sachin must've caused it..

Exactly. Even if there isn't poverty in Somalia, Sachin must have caused poverty in somalia.
Now you can call yourself Golandaaz, Vidhooshak :)