Thursday, November 24, 2011

BCCI makes it just a number

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Sachin Tendulkar has a habit of downplaying his many achievements. Humility is ingrained in his psyche and this has taken him further than any other celebrity in India. His humility has helped him overcome his numerous dips in form and his failures as captain. He has maintained that he is just another member of the team.

Unfortunately, his refrain of ordinariness has not helped his fans reduce their expectations of him. They frequently expect miracles from him, expect him to score big in every situation and win test matches all by himself for India. That he has only occasionally met these high expectations is not his fault. But it has given a lot of grist to his critics.

We, on this blog, have started believing that Tendulkar himself is trying to live up to these lofty expectations instead of simply playing to true to his words of humility and being "just another team member". His unwillingness to tour West Indies as a preparatory step to England, while being ready to play IPL being our chief argument. The results were clear. Whereas Dravid showed up in England, ready and able to do his job, Tendulkar fell woefully short.

He also repeated his mantra about the impending 100th century. "It's just another number". He had used the same line while portraying his 50th test century in South Africa. Against an ordinary West Indies bowling attack that the rest of the Indian batsmen feasted on in the previous two tests, Tendulkar has flattered to deceive. He labored to get to decent scores, but has not crossed the milestone.

Given his talent, skill and perseverance, it would have been a matter of time. He would have risen to the occasion like he has in the past, whether at Sydney or in South Africa and made that elusive 100th ton. Unfortunately, the BCCI and MCA seem to have decided that he needs help. The wicket at Wankhede is a feather bed. This is the type of wicket that R. Ashwin will probably score a century on if he maintains his concentration. While we acknowledge that every century is a big deal, we also believe that centuries made with no context are worthless. West Indies have piled on 590.

Tendulkar is on the threshold of a 100th ton on his home ground. A doctored event thanks to the unimaginative BCCI or MCA or both laying out a feather bed to maximize Tendulkar's chances of scoring big. Did the master really need this help? Wouldn't a 100th ton scored in a meaningful contest on a sporting wicket been more memorable? The organizers are ensuring that Tendulkar's 100th ton will be forgotten and be remembered as "just another number". This is such a shame. The great man deserves better than help of this sort. His greatness is being diminished by such misconceived ideas.

Australia will not be helping Ponting against New Zealand by doctoring Perth or MCG. Neither will England doctor Lords for Pietersen or Cook. But India will doctor the sporting Wankhede to help the Little Master get to a milestone he's been struggling to get to. And then we lament about test cricket being boring? Inadvertently, Tendulkar is helping Indian cricket go down a rat hole that it may not be able to dig out of. This is so unfortunate, because he has done so much good and he is such a champion.


Vaibhav Sharma said...

hmm maybe you are right! But well a 100 is a 100. And it does n't matter to him whether the 100th one comes in a dead rubber or a well contested test game. he would be more happier to score runs when the team needs it badly even if it is the 101st and not the 100th. BCCI's ploy has worked though. Big crowds are coming and they are busy minting money.

Anonymous said...

is this a funny article or do we seriously think that the pitch has been made so for srt's 100?

how about giving some credit to the incompetence of bcci/pitch people?

Vidooshak said...

Well, now the BCCI has to hope for a follow-on to give Sachin another go at the Wankhede.

Anonymous said...

i think pawar got slapped (singh is king?) and bcci focus kinda shifted temporarily from cricket, otherwise a follow-on enabling sporting declaration was on the afternoon menu?

while on pawar, and i digress, but grod will appreciate (not sure about you vid) this forwarded marathi ukhana..

सौ. पवारांचा नवीन उखाणा:

"घोटाळे करून कमावले घबाड,
नवरा माझा लबाड...
शरदरावांचे नांव घेते...
हरविंदरने फोडले थोबाड..."

Vaibhav Sharma said...

your post has predicted some things correctly. the great man's great milestone has not come on this placid wicket against a placid attack. n ashwin has scored a 100. hats off!

Vidooshak said...

And now it looks like Ashwin has effectively shut the door on Harbhajan with his 100 and five-fer. Interestingly, a feat that even Kapil couldn't manage.