Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spot Fixing: Its all a media creation

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So this is what we know...

There are enough players in Indian and Pakistani cricket that are corrupt.

Both with the Lord’s episode and the one in the IPL recently the guys actually orchestrating the spot fixing were media outlets. It tells us that if legitimate (as in real and not legal) bookies were to get access to players, matches could be ‘spot fixed’. The question of whether this is a common occurrence in India and Pakistan is still unproven. Spot fixing by real bookies that is.

To tow the standard BCCI and Sachin Tendulkar line, spot-fixing does seem like it is literally ‘created by the media’. I think we need someone to do a sting operation on these sting operations to suggest that the media does this to gain short term recognition and viewer ship. Media benefits from scandals and if one is not forthcoming they will manufacture one.

I am no fan of the IPL but I recognize why it is so popular. Fed on a diet of dull drab draws from the late 70s and 80s, I have fallen for the pure excitement that only a Test Match can provide. Now these exciting finishes in Tests are few and far in between but when they do happen, its well worth the wait for me. T20 by contrast seems manufactured, assembly line excitement.

The IPL is India’s pride and it has understandably provoked prejudiced reactions in the foreign media, where every drop in TRP ratings is cheered. I believe the IPL is a solid product but also disruptive to India’s national team and the West Indies; for now.

I don’t think the latest revelations by India TV are going to do much to dampen the enthusiasm around the IPL. The good thing about the franchise model is that they are owned by reputable businesses run by highly successful and respected people. The BCCI board it self has reputable names. No one can afford to be seen as corrupt.

In that, I inherently believe the IPL model protects itself from rampant corruption. The steps the BCCI and the franchises take to root out corruption will be genuine and quick. Additionally, as the franchises get more powerful over time, the power to make all kinds of decisions will get distributed.

To use the example of a few stray cricketers who succumb to TRP hungry news media, and paint the entire IPL as corrupt would be an opinion for sure; but not a reasoned one.

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varun said...

The media/Journalists who are creating sensationalism by creating false truth should be the prime accused in all this drama. Why does a Media person has to approach a cricket player posing as a Bookie? the only answer that I can think of is it is at the interest of the Media person. A crime is not a crime until its committed. So far I have seen that players have accepted to SPOT FIX but they have not actually done it I have not seen enough evidence with facts when exactly they have done the SPOT FIX. What if a player had changed his mind to spot fix? Poor guy now is banned to play any cricket. It is a sad state of affairs reg the standards of journalism in India where manufactured truth, deaths, scams are glorified...If you want to increase your viewership at the sake of a professional player career there is seriously something wrong where we are headed as a country.