Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kapil Dev does not exist : BCCI

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The BCCI today denied a well accepted fact that Kapil Dev exists.

“As far as we are concerned, such a cricketer never played for India and that is the only reason why he has not received any benefit payment” said Mr. Ratnakar Shetty, BCCI Chief Administrative Officer

When reminded that a certain Kapil Dev led India to a series win in England and got India its first world cup…

“Look, this is all created by the media. We have yet to receive in writing that such a player existed. See, you guys talk and write about some 175* scored by a certain Kapil Dev, but that simply is not true, no one even has any video evidence…not even India TV” he added

There were many who were initially shocked at BCCI’s largess in distributing $12.7 M USD among India’s ex cricketers.

This was not the BCCI many have grown to know, it appeared at that time. The conspiracy theorists too were shocked to even conjure up a conspiracy around why the BCCI is doing this. Then the BCCI showed its pettiness and there was a collective sigh of relief…”Yeah this is the BCCI we know…”

Even their generosity cannot mask their pettiness, vindictiveness and a collective meager intellect

We at Opinions have received (through our sources at the BCCI) a list of Top 10 recipients of the benefit payments. The list should not surprise any one. Here it is in order of sums received

  1. Ravi Shastri – The tail ender
  2. Harsha Bhogle
  3. Ravi Shastri – The opening batsman
  4. Ravi Shastri – The bowler
  5. L Sivaramakrishnan
  6. Ravi Shastri – The captain
  7. Ravi Shastri – The all rounder
  8. Ravi Shastri – The Champion of Champions
  9. Sunil Gavaskar
  10. Danny Morrison

The 11th man on the list is Ravi Shastri – The middle order batsman

We see no point in questioning why Harsha Bhogle and Danny Morrison are on that list.


Vidooshak said...

What's sadder is that none of those cricketers who received these payments stood up for Kapil. This is the pathetic state of Indian sportsmen and the collective spirit of sucking up...This should have caused an uproar with at least half of those that received money turning it down if Kapil was not given the same due....

Vidooshak said...

And today, Rajiv Shukla "clarifies" that Kapil is excluded because of the amnesty situation, but the board is not "against" Kapil. So why even have a clause like that if the BCCI is as large hearted as Shukla claims?

The money is made because of the players. The BCCI is acting like it's doing them a favor by giving them a "benefit" by returning them a portion of the money that they helped the board make in the first place. Seriously....these guys need help..

pay per head said...

whaaaaat?? Kapil Dev did not exist?? I think that he does exist in all fans's minds and that is what matters, don't you think?