Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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India shrugged off the retirement of Sachin Tendulkar and won the Champion Trophy in style. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of limited overs fare, but cricket is cricket and you'll have to pry the remote out of my cold dead hands to switch the cricket channel. Dhoni attained mythic status with his assault on Eranga. If Eranga ever bowls another last over, it'll be a miracle. For the record, I don't recall Chetan Sharma ever bowling the last over again after Miandad launched him into the Sharjah stands.

The Ashes rocketed off the blocks like Usain Bolt. Five days of terrific cricket. Full houses every day, heroics every day and the icing on the cake with Agar smashing England to smithereens in his debut game. If there are any doubts that the English attack can be neutralized, Agar provided it first and Haddin next. Haddin's assault on Finn after a blockade against Anderson reminded me of Gambhir and Tendulkar's taming of Dale Steyn in South Africa in 2010. Those were the days before Tendulkar used to get routinely bowled for low scores. (Yes - This is Vidooshak and yes, I am knowingly commiting sacrilege).

A side note on Sachin. If there's anyone out there who still believes that India "needs" Sachin, they need to get their head examined. It's they who need Sachin because of the paucity of heroes in their lives probably, but the Indian team is doing just fine without Sachin. Hopefully, he too sees sense and quits before the team to South Africa is named.

The biggest story of the test match just concluded was DRS. We continue to believe that LBWs and doubtful caught behinds should be treated like run-outs and stumpings. The umpire can refer it to the TV umpire to decide. There is zero need to allow players to challenge an umpire's decision. Read Gilchrist's post on Cricinfo. We happen to share much of his angst about tampering with the spontaneity of test cricket.

In truth, England should have won the test match in a canter, but Australia's bowlers really took the fight to them. If any of the top order were to click at Lords, England will have to dig deep to pull out a victory. Watson has to take more responsibility and find a way to marry his shot-making to the match situation. I am a Watson believer and do think he'll come good in the games to come. I also believe Steve Smith has it in him to step up. However, if Australia go down in this test match without significant output from their top and middle orders, then the series could be a wipe out for them.

The revelations from Mickey Arthur only add to our impression that Clarke is a weak captain and is not in control of his team. We had written a post after the infamous Sydney test of 2008 that Clarke will be reduced to the same status as Kim Hughes was. While Hughes lost form and test matches, Clarke still can make runs, maybe.

On then to hopefully another rivetting test match.


Govind Raj said...

The game of Cricket needs Sachin, to keep the Sachinites from retiring from Cricket :-)

Anonymous said...

'routiney getting bowled for low socres'
'A side note on sachin'

this blog needs sachin more than cricket and/or sachinities!

gol is more sachinite than sachinites themselves!

yeh duniya gol hain bhain...

Anonymous said...

yes pleae watch live action hereon