Monday, September 17, 2012

The Unfavourites

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If cricket boards across the world could figure out how to make money on the sighting of Haley’s comet, they would find a way to make that thing appear every other year. With T20, they don’t have to do anything as dramatic other than dropping the ‘World Cup’ tag from this tournament. People are somehow conditioned to think that World Cups happen every 4 years so by smartly dropping the tag it has allowed boards to have this tournament every week if they so choose.

Of course we will be following the World T20 cup. So lets kick start the coverage with these teams who are most unlikely to win the cup; “The unfavourites”…

There is enough evidence to suggest that wearing the same uniform design does not yield similar results. From what I can tell the strategy failed in Tests. I have vivid memories of India wearing whites when they became the #1 Test side in the world and then promptly lost 8 Test Matches in a row; also in white. In addition the ROI on winning the World T20 cup is questionable.

There was a bowler... correcttion.. Fast bowler. He was once carted for 6 sixes in 6 balls. He now captains his country. Enough said. On the bright side England are united and united they will fall.

South Africa
At the end of the day they are a team of proper cricketers. Ultimately too good to win the World T20. On the positive side I did not suggest they will choke

Their captain will not even make the 15 member squad of 80% of the countries including Ireland. Its hard to see why he would end up holding the T20 cup. They are also ranked below Ireland in the T20 rankings. There is nothing to be said on the brighter side for Australia

In all probability they will end up issuing a formal complaint to the ICC that no one told them that the game they just won against India was a warm up game. Then they will boycott the rest of the actual tournament and hold their own World T20 cup. Ajmal will win the man of the series award.


Homer said...

"they became the #1 Test side in the world and then promptly lost 8 Test Matches in a row;" - actually they didnt - everyone forgets the West Indies tour that happened where India won 2 of the 3 tests.

For mine, an early India exit means that all those not South Africa bound can actually play in the Duleep Trophy. And,the primary focus has to be on winning back the Pataudi and Border Gavaskar Trophies - ICC tourneys are dime a dozen - CT next year, then the T20 WC in BD, followed by the WC in Oz, followed by the T20 WC in India, and another CT somewhere in between :)


Golandaaz said...

Of course WI happened but it was not a mandatory tour....or was it?

Just kidding...yes just taking liberties to make a point

I think Eng will be tough to beat even at home and if we lose that Australia will come hard...but these days I am very pessimistic about our cricket so I may be just way off

Anonymous said...

I'm confused... some of those countries that you named "unfavorites", I had put as favorites! Looks like we think differently... Check it out:

5 favorites for the World T20