Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Opinions On...Michael Clarke

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Exactly a year ago India's pusillanimous cricket team, refused to chase a measly 90 odd in 16 overs on the last day of a Test match in Dominica.

Today Michael Clarke showed them the way with a declaration full of intent.

That Australia won only makes the decision to declare in arrears, famous. But even if they had lost it should have been celebrated for the tactical advantage, even if short term, it gave the Australians.

From 329/9 recovering to 406/9 and 43 runs behind on first innings most sides and their captains would be relieved to have a chance to escape with a draw. Most sides would have done just that and harped about it.

Michael Clarke thought of winning the game from there. He read the game differently than most. 

I have to admit, Michael Clarke has been an unexpected but very welcome revelation. For a long time I believed that Australia saw something non existent in him to name him their future captain so early.

I was wrong...

No captain today has half his courage even while possessing twice his arsenal. Not Andrew Strauss, not Greame Smith and certainly not Mahendra Singh Dhoni.


Vaibhav Sharma said...

yeah! he is a bit unlucky as he has got an Australian team which is short of firepower!

Vidooshak said...

They have 5 on a row. No firepower are you kidding me? Cricket is a team sport and they are winning.

Anonymous said...

In this test michael clarke showed the true australian spirit of fightback. HATS OFF TO HIM!

pay per head said...

you know my thoughts on Michael Clarke are pretty close to your insights and I also think that Michael Clarke read the game in a different way than people usually do